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ARTS is your outsourcing partner for aerostructure. We enable you to reduce manufacturing costs and manufacturing time as well as capacity expenditure. ARTS aerostructure services include aircraft structural assembly, disassembly, outstanding work, mechanical installation, prototyping, repair solutions, testing, as well as engine and cabin installation.


We offer all our services as customised work packages that can be fully adapted to your requirements and needs. Whether you need aerostructure support in one of your production facilities or would like to use one of our sites, ARTS will support you regardless of location.

Aircraft Structural Assembly

Mechanical Installation

Cabin Installation

Engine Installation

Your advantages with ARTS aerostructur solution:

Highly qualified team

All our team members comply to aerospace requirements and are continuously trained within their field of work.


We assist you at one of your production sites or take over projects at one of our locations, ARTS supports you regardless of your location.

Fully eqipped team

Our project teams provide all the standard tools to successfully implement your project.

Single Point of Contact

You will have a single point of contact for the complete project duration.

Seamless integration

Due to various different customer projects, we are able to seamlessly integrate our work into your processes.

Full Transparency

You have access to all project data at all times. You are automatically informed about all KPIs, milestones, necessary updates, etc.

Our services in aerostructure include

Aircraft Structural Assemby

Cabin Installation

Mechanical Installation

Engine Installation

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Satisfied customers with aerostructure support from ARTS

Aerostructure Reference Projects

Door Modification Airbus A380

As part of a C-check and other aircraft maintenance work, we reinforced the 16 passenger doors of some Lufthansa and Air France A380 aircraft at several customers, such as the MRO company Elbe Flugzeugwerke Dresden. This is no easy task, and requires the highest levels of precision and compliance with all regulations. First, the door is removed from the A380 and placed in a jig.
We then removed the door insulation and dismantle the cover plates, the mechanics and the seals. Once the door has been stripped, we removed the old structure on the doors and our NDT8 inspector, certified according to EN 4179 L2, carried out the Special Detailed Inspection (SDI) using High-frequency eddy current (HFEC). If the detailed inspection of the doors was carried out without any abnormalities, we continued with the cold deformation of the structural components (flap peening/cold working) - in the process we re-shaped the surfaces and thus removed the symptoms of fatigue from the structural components. Finally, the reinforcement parts, provided by Airbus, were laid onto the doors and provisionally attached using fixation pins, all fasteners and reinforcing components were mounted. After approval from quality assurance, we finally installed the cover plates, the mechanics, the seals, the door components and the door insulation.

Non-Destructive Testing Pilatus PC 24 and Airbus 220

For prototypes of the Pilatus PC 24 and Airbus 220 we examined the wing and the fuselage for our customer iABG in a non-destructive test and examined them for damages (cracks, fractures etc.). However, before our five Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspectors could go to work, our aircraft maintenance mechanics dismantled the wing into its structural parts.
In iABG's testing laboratory, specific structural inspections and analyses had to be carried out using non-destructive testing methods - among other things, we tested for cracks; even microscopically small defects are noticeable to us through eddy current testing. We were also able to detect defects in the metallic components with the aid of ultrasonic testing, because we determined the size and position of the defects by measuring the transit time of the ultrasonic echo. Subsequently, we prepared extensive documentation for iABG on all anomalies. The task was a real challenge because we had to put our foot down in only 3.5 months and complete the work. Originally, iABG had calculated a maximum margin of error of 15% for the disassembly of the wings. We were finally able to deliver a defect rate of 0% in the structural assembly, as a result of which all structural components could be handed over to the customer without any defects. Thus, all components could be subjected to the (NDT) tests.

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Defect Rate

Aircrafts Worked On

Our services in aerostructure in more depth:

Aircraft Structural Assembly

  • ATA53
  • Aircraft structures, sheet metal and composite repair
  • Primary and secondary structure
  • New part installation, modifications and SBs (skin repair, spar beam, crossbeam, ribs, frames, stringer, seat track and seat rails, panels, leading edge, etc.)
  • Fuselage
  • Cockpit
  • Wings
  • Doors
  • Slats, Flaps, Rudder, HTP, Stabilizer etc.

Mechanical Installation

  • ATA 21, 26, 2
  • Landing gear, Brakes, Wheels
  • Door rigging & window installation
  • All type of systems supported (fuel, hydraulics, oxygen, water & waste, air conditioning, etc.)

Cabin Installation

  • Cargo and bulk cargo compartments
  • Crew Rest compartments
  • Cabin Storage
  • Carpet Installation
  • Sidewall Panels & Ceilings
  • Overhead lockers & Overhead bins
  • Class dividers, Wardrobes, Storage Cases
  • Aircraft Seat Maintenance & Overhaul
  • Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First, Cockpit
  • In-Flight Entertainment or IFE solutions

Engine Installation

  • Engine
  • APU
  • Nacelles
  • Pylons

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