Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Outsourcing

As your outsourcing partner, ARTS positions as your expert of all kinds of NON-SERIAL or NON-CORE activities. 

The smartest way to reduce manufacturing time and aircraft downtime, costs and capacity expenditure

We support you, wherever and whenever you need are while preserving the efficiency of your organizations.

Our expertise led us to develop specific management and monitoring tools, interactive reports, organizations and way of working, all able to fit the configurations of either new or ongoing programs. 

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Electrical & Mechanical Installation and Repair

  • Wiring installation, modification & connection

  • Electrical equipment & test

  • Cable repair for all types (copper, aluminium, coax, quadrax, optic fiber)

  • Engine, APU, Nacelles, Pylons

  • Landing gear, Brakes, Wheels

  • Door rigging & window installation

  • All type of systems supported (fuel, hydraulics, oxygen, water & waste, air conditioning, etc.)

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Structure & Airframe Installation and Repair

  • Aircraft structures, sheet metal and composite repair

  • Primary and secondary structure

  • New part installation, modifications and SBs (skin repair, spar beam, crossbeam, ribs, frames, stringer, seat track and seat rails, panels, leading edge, etc.)

  • Fuselage

  • Cockpit

  • Wings

  • Doors

  • Slats, Flaps, Rudder, HTP, Stabilizer etc.

  • Non-Destructive Testing

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Cabin Installation & Refurbishment

  • Seat Installation and modification

  • Monuments

  • Floor to floor (dado, window, ceiling panels)

  • IFE installation & upgrade

  • Hatracks and storages

  • Cargo, cockpit, door frame linings

  • Carpet installation and exchange

  • Complete cabin refurbishment

The leading aerospace companies work with ARTS to grow their businesses.

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