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What may appear unthinkable today could already be a reality tomorrow. But only those who follow their dreams, dare to take a step forward. For this reason we support our customers to make their visions become a reality. Our expertise gives them the necessary leading edge: This may be in the form of better, more sustainable products, or more cost effective, quicker, more modern services.

ARTS – better, faster, ahead


With the best possible technological and commercial expertise, we help you to make your processes, products and services better.


With the best experts, highly specialised process knowledge and turnkey solutions we expedite your projects.


Whenever expertise is required, that is not part of your core competency, we are able to help.

Just like Charlie Taylor

The mechanical engineer Edward Taylor developed, in just six weeks, a water-cooled 12 HP 4-stroke motor, featuring an aluminium block and weighing only 69 kg. There had never been anything like it in the USA before. This is what made it possible for Orville Wright, in Kitty Hawk, in December 1903, to perform mankinds first motorised flight.

Behind all technical achievements there are always the right people. Those who make it all happen by applying their experience, knowledge, energy and dedication to their work. Just like Charlie Taylor once supported the Wright Brothers, from behind the scenes – ARTS is providing industry expertise for industrial companies. With its expert knowledge ARTS enables its customers worldwide to have more effective and efficient processes and provides them with turn-key solutions.

What's next?

Driverless cars, 3D printed industrial parts, serially produced electric aircraft and Rovers exploring mars.

The fact that cars, aeroplanes, and trains are taken for granted today as normal means of transport makes them a success in the history of technology. It is very difficult to predict where this history is heading. This was already the case when motorised transport was in the hands of such bold adventurers as Lilienthal, the Wright brothers, or Carl Benz. Who would have dreamt, back then, that 130 years after the first patented automobiles, there would be electric cars, high-speed trains, passenger jets, moon landings and satellites orbiting the earth?

We at ARTS want to continue that legacy of the earliest pioneers of technology. Employing more than 500 people, we support companies across the world with our expertise. Every day our experts are working around the clock to make sure that technical innovations are achievable.

We are only limited by our imagination on what technology will look like 100 years from now. One thing is sure though, ARTS will be actively shaping that vision.

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