A future in aerospace: opportunities for
professional newcomers

One of our goals as a company is to inspire motivated pupils, students, and graduates to seek a career in aerospace, and to provide them with sustained support along that path. We offer a range of internships for students and young professionals, especially in the administrative field. Graduates are working for us in every available discipline, including technical occupations.

Promoting new talent at ARTS

Career entrants at ARTS

ARTS offers a series of entry-level positions for career newcomers in the aerospace industry. Once you have successfully completed your training in a typical aerospace occupation, ARTS can help you get a foot in the door of the industry with several entry-level positions such as aircraft mechanic or avionics and electronics technician.

ARTS employs several graduates with a degree in the fields of aerospace, mechanical or electrical engineering, business administration or economics, or a related course of study. Typically, these colleagues will have already completed their first internship or student apprenticeship at an established aerospace firm by the time they have applied to us. What matters to us is the kind of experience an applicant brings to the table, not whether they gained it during or after their studies.

Pupils and students at ARTS

We offer a range of opportunities for secondary-school pupils and college students alike, ranging from internships and work-study programs to final exams and the first steps as a professional. You can choose to become a working student or intern in the areas of human resources, IT, and marketing. Please consult our jobs portal for the latest open positions. If you don't find what you were looking for, we are also happy to accept unsolicited applications.

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Our job portal lists entry-level positions from all over Germany. Can't find what you want? We're happy to consider your speculative application!