Expertise and responsibility:

Your occupation as an aircraft electrician

A single modern aircraft contains several kilometers of cable connecting all the electrical systems with one another. An aircraft mechanic's job is to ensure that these avionics systems are running smoothly at all times. It takes three and a half years to train for this job under the dual education system.

Jobs for Aircraft Electricians


ARTS aircraft electricians work in the fields of production, maintenance, and refurbishing of existing airliners. To verify the operative readiness of avionics and other components, our aircraft electricians employ various diagnostic and testing software, and replace defective parts as required.

In addition, the aircraft electricians at ARTS are tasked with the installation and configuration of new electrical assemblies. This includes various sensor systems, hydraulics and pneumatic control elements, but also radar systems and autopilot. They are required to lay down electrical, data, and signal lines or replace entire wiring harnesses.

Since the safety implications are significant, these tasks require strict security and quality controls. ARTS aircraft electricians are certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA): with the CAT-A and CAT-B licences, they are authorized to give clearance for avionics and other aircraft systems following task completion.

One in ten ARTS employees are currently employed as aircraft electricians, and we are always on the lookout for new talent in this exciting field. Feel free to browse our vacancies to find the right position for you!

Projects for our aircraft electricians               

Airbus Operations is one of our clients in Hamburg, where our employees are directly involved in the manufacture of numerous aircraft types. Our aircraft electricians also support Airbus Defence and Space at the Bremen site in the assembly of the Airbus A400M.

In Donauwörth, our people are working with Airbus Helicopters on the complete series of rotary-wing aircraft. They also assist our client Airbus Defence and Space, situated in Manching, to assemble and maintain the Eurofighter and other military aircraft.

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Applying as an aircraft electrician at ARTS 

Aircraft electricians at ARTS should meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Successfully completed vocational training as an aircraft electrician or avionics technician
  • Alternatively, training and experience in a related field
  • Several years of on-the-job experience
  • Willingness to work in shifts
  • Independent and team-oriented work ethic
  • Fluent German and basic English proficiency

For further details, please consult the job description for each position. If your desired job is not listed under vacancies, we welcome unsolicited applications and will consider them on their merits. (You may submit your speculative application online, by email, or in an envelope by mail.)