Precision engineering and technical dexterity:
Your occupation as an aircraft mechanic

The occupation of an aircraft mechanic is as old as aviation itself. Three specializations are available to aircraft mechanics at the onset of their training: manufacturing engineering; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO); and engine technology.



In the process of aircraft manufacturing, the duties of an ARTS aircraft mechanic typically include assembly of structural components and subassemblies, and the manufacture of rivet joints for the fuselage. For MRO mechanics, duties include the maintenance of fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic systems or the repair of water hydraulics and waste systems. Other aircraft mechanics are tasked with cabin assembly. Finally, in the field of engine technology our colleagues at ARTS oversee upkeep and maintenance for a variety of aircraft.

Whether CAT-A or CAT-B, it is essential to constantly verify the operability of parts and components in order to guarantee that the given quality standards are met. At ARTS, aircraft mechanics perform these duties as validators, also known as certified staff.

Currently over one third of all ARTS employees are working as aircraft mechanics, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to bolster our teams. To meet the demand for work all across Europe, we need aircraft mechanics in all three specializations mentioned above. Visit our vacancies section for more information!

Projects for our aircraft electricians 

With Airbus Operations and Airbus Defence and Space both situated in the greater Hamburg and Bremen areas, our employees there are working with two global players in the industry. Among other things, our aircraft mechanics are directly involved in the production of Airbus types A320, A350, A380 and the A400M.

In Bavaria, our aircraft mechanics work with Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth on the complete series of rotary-wing aircraft, and in Manching they play a vital role in the assembly and maintenance of the Eurofighter and other military aircraft for Airbus Defence and Space.

In Dresden, our aircraft mechanics are engaged with Elbe Flugzeugwerke among others. The focus of their work is the refurbishing and overhaul of passenger jetliners into cargo planes. The ARTSers in Dresden are also partly responsible for service and repair of such aircraft as the renouned Airbus A380.

Applying as an aircraft electrician at ARTS 

In general, we expect the following minimum qualifications from our aircraft mechanics:

  • Successfully completed training as an aircraft mechanic in a relevant field, alternatively, training and experience in a related metal-working vocation
  • Initial experience in the aerospace industry
  • Good German and basic English proficiency
  • Experience with Microsoft Office
  • Willingness to work in shifts

For additional requirements, please consult the job description for each position. If your desired job is not listed under vacancies, we welcome unsolicited applications and will consider them on their merits. (You may submit your speculative application online, by email, or in an envelope by mail.)