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The Logistics Profession

The job description of a logistician is varied and full of responsibility. Applications of the logistics profession are diverse. In the aerospace industry, logisticians often work in production logistic.

Jobs for Logisticians

Possible tasks

The logistics profession requires excellent coordination skills.Organization, coordination and planning are significant priorities for logisticians.

Logistics is usually practiced by those who completed training as a forwarding agent or merchant for wholesale and foreign trade. In addition to training, study courses for the logistics profession can be completed. Courses such as business administration or industrial engineering, each with a focus on logistics, enable entry into the profession. With a master's degree, warehouse logistics technicians can also work as logisticians.The task of the logistician is often described using the Seven-Rights of Logistics by Plowman. This states that logisticians supply the right goods in the right quantities and of the right quality to the right customer at the right time and the right place at the right cost.

Specifically, tasks of a logistician include goods coordination and transport of goods, as well as storage, cost optimization and resource planning. Furthermore, logisticians are responsible for coordinating the flow of goods. The optimal organization of the production line is ensured by the forwarding agent or logistician.Close collaboration with production planning, purchasing and supply chain management, as well as with suppliers and customers requires communication skills and team spirit on the part of the logistician. Working with databases is another important part of their duties. Logisticians activate ordering processes and enter these into the database. Monitoring of the storage inventory is also part of their work.

At ARTS, currently around 5% of employees work as logisticians. We are constantly on the lookout for additional logisticians to support our team. You can find suitable positions on our job board.

Projects of our logisticians 

Our logisticians work for our client Airbus Defence and Space in Manching, Germany. Its prime focus is on production logistics. Our logisticians also work for Airbus Defence and Space in Neuburg an der Donau. Their task is to coordinate the flow of goods and communication with customers.

In Hamburg, our logisticians work for the client Airbus Operations. They monitor, among other things, the material flow for Airbus A320s.

As part of their work package, our logisticians work in Toulouse and Bordeaux for Airbus Operations. At both locations, our logisticians apply their organizational skills. They are responsible, among other things, for proper storage of the structural components and product groups of the Airbus A350, and transferring these to the SAP system. They are also responsible for coordination of A350 components. 

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Application as a logistician

We expect our logisticians to hold the following minimum qualifications:

  • Good command of English
  • SAP knowledge
  • Min. 2 years of professional experience
  • Microsoft Office skills

Additional specific requirements are given in the job advertisement. If you cannot find what you are looking for on our job board, we would be happy to receive a speculative application from you (online, via email or by post).