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The different finishes and qualities of each aircraft demand a high degree of precision. Our painters and varnishers provide a steady hand to meet our clients' requirements. The expertise of our painters and varnishers enables them to work in exciting areas.

Jobs for Painters and Varnishers

Possible applications:

There are many areas in the aviation industry where painters and finishers are employed. Process mechanics for coating technology also work in the same field as painters and finishers.

Typical tasks for our painters/finishers and our coating technology process mechanics include measuring and mixing of the paint systems used, and coating surfaces with paint and lacquer. Cleaning of the surfaces, sealing, and surface treatment of components such as grinding, filling and polishing are further key areas of the work. The application of corrosion protection and signage are also the responsibility of both painters/finishers and process mechanics. Work is carried out according to specifications and construction documents, then all work performed is documented by staff either manually or in the appropriate IT systems.

About 5% of our employees work as painters/finishers and process mechanics. We are constantly on the look-out for further support for our teams. You will find the relevant positions on our job board.

Projects in which our painters and finishers / process mechanics are involved  

Painters and finishers, as well as process mechanics, are employed in a variety of projects throughout Germany and Europe.

In the cities of Hamburg, Bremen and Stade our staff support our customers Airbus Defence and Space, and Airbus Operations GmbH. Our painters/finishers and process mechanics in Hamburg are responsible for painting the Airbus A380 aircraft for Airbus Operations GmbH. In Stade and Bremen, our employees are involved with the Airbus A350XWB and A400M aircraft.

In Donauwörth our painters/finishers and process mechanics support Airbus Helicopters Germany GmbH, where they work among others on the Airbus H135, Airbus H145, Airbus NH 90, the "Tiger" and the Airbus H160, which will appear on the market in the next few years.

At the Augsburg and Manching sites our staff work with our customers Premium Aerotec and Airbus Defence and Space. Our coating process mechanics and our painters/finishers in Augsburg and Manching work on the Euro Fighter Typhoon and Airbus A400M aircraft. 

Application for post as painter and finisher / process mechanic   

We expect the following minimum qualifications from our painters/finishers and coating technology process mechanics:

  • Completed vocational training as painter and finisher, alternatively completed training as an aircraft painter, or completed training as a process mechanic for coating technology
  • For candidates with experience relevant to the position, entry from another professional field is also possible
  • Some work experience is desirable
  • Good German and basic English skills
  • Willingness to work shifts

For further specific requirements, please see the job description in our job board. If you have not found an offer that suits your requirements, we look forward to receiving your speculative application (online, by email or post).