Occupational profile of a production planner at ARTS

Planning and coordination -
the occupational profile of a Production Planner

The production planner's remit covers monitoring production processes and planning manufacturing steps. Their talent for planning and organisation means that production processes are in safe hands.

Jobs for Production Planners

Jobs as a Manufacturing Planner with ARTS

The job description for a Manufacturing Planner is varied and diverse. As a Manufacturing Planner at ARTS you are responsible, among other things, for the planning of manufacturing steps and also for the monitoring of manufacturing processes. The term Production Planner or Production Engineer often corresponds to the same area of responsibility as that of a Manufacturing Planner or Planning Engineer.

A degree in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering or business is often required for this profession. You can find all the information on the course on our Trainee portal: aircareer.de.

The main function of a Manufacturing Planner at ARTS is the direct specification of production processes and the development of production plans. ARTS Manufacturing Planners also compile costings, and calculate capital expenditure and material volumes. Using a computer is also part of the job description of a Manufacturing Planner. SAP and other software programs are constant work companions, therefore very good skills in these are required. Drawings and plans are created, existing manufacturing processes are improved and new manufacturing steps are developed virtually using this software.

Manufacturing Planners at ARTS work closely with Quality Assurance, among others, in order to provide and ensure a smooth and cost-effective process for the customer. Besides the monitoring of deadlines, the work focuses particularly on the analysis and correction of errors.

At ARTS, Manufacturing Planners are employed in the planning of new and serial production and coordination of work processes for, among others, the Airbus models A400M, A350 and A320.

The particularly high planning effort involved requires communication skills, teamwork and tolerance for stress, in order always to find the best solution even in the case of conflict and problems, and to keep track at all stages of production.

Currently, 12% of ARTS employees work in Manufacturing Planning. We are constantly looking for new, motivated colleagues to support our team. You will find the appropriate positions on our job board.

Projects in which our Manufacturing Planners are involve

Our Manufacturing Planners are employed in Hamburg, Bremen, Nordenham, Donauwörth, Dresden, Toulouse, Seville and Saint Nazaire. In Hamburg they support our customers Airbus Operations GmbH, where they are responsible for coordinating work steps and processes as well as production. In Bremen, our employees are involved in the A400M model for Airbus Operations GmbH.

In the area of work scheduling, Manufacturing Planners develop new processes for series production. At Premium Aerotec GmbH in Nordenham in Lower Saxony, our staff coordinate the production of test objects. They also handle planning for aircraft skins components.

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In Toulouse, Manufacturing Planners support Airbus Operations GmbH. Production support and work scheduling are the key tasks of our employees there.

Our employees are involved in work scheduling and production planning with Airbus Operations GmbH for aircraft models A330 and A340 in Saint Nazaire and models A400M and A320 in Seville. Manufacturing Planners work for Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH in areas including development of material processes, and they are also involved in the conversion of the A330 model into cargo aircraft.

Application for the position of Manufacturing Planner with ARTS

We expect the following minimum qualifications from our production engineers:

  • Completion of an engineering or business degree
  • 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Sound knowledge of MS Office and SAP
  • Good knowledge of business management principles
  • Fluent command of German and English

You will find further specific requirements in the relevant vacancy announcement. If you do not find what you are looking for on our job board, we would be happy to receive your speculative application (online, by mail or post).