Qualification Courses at ARTS

A perfect start in  the aerospace industry  

We offer a variety of advanced training courses to augment your successfully completed apprenticeship with a range of extra qualifications for a head start in an exciting but secure field of work. By participating in one of our advanced qualification programs, you will be optimally prepared to find a job that suits your individual skill set.

ARTS provides advanced training courses in aircraft electronics and avionics, aircraft mechanics, production engineering, and interior cabin design.  

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Target audience for our advanced training courses

The further qualifications at ARTS are geared towards experienced professionals from non-aerospace industries. In particular, we offer advanced training courses for certified professionals from the metal, wood and polymer-processing industries. ARTS does this so that industry outsiders can make a lateral leap into the aerospace sector.

Benefits of advanced training 

Besides a theoretical section, every training course includes an internship at a renowned manufacturing company within the aerospace industry.

During the theory phase, participants recieve comprehensive instructions in their respective areas of qualification. Newly acquired know-how is turned into concrete skills through practical application in the workshop.

All of the qualification measures at ARTS are completely free of charge for the participants. ARTS covers all tuition fees and accommodation expenses as needed throughout the theoretical and practical phases of the training. In addition, ARTS maintains an all-inclusive supporting role before, during and after the course.