Advanced training
as an aircraft electrician at ARTS

If you have completed your occupational training as an electrician, electronics technician, mechatronics engineer or system technician, then you're already well on your way to becoming an aerospace expert at ARTS! We offer advanced training courses for qualifications as an aircraft electrician on a continued basis.

    Duties of an aircraft mechanic in manufacturing engineering

    • Preparation of on-site electrical components
    • Fabrication and installation of cable racks (labeling, mounting, deployment, entering, assembly, manufacture, varnish and soldering)
    • Adjustment of e-components, e.g. on equipment boards, circuit boards and other sections (torquing and fastening)
    • Ground testing and continuity tests including start-up, diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Documentation of performed operations 

    Training contents 

    • Overview of types of cables, contacts and connectors
    • Soldering electrical terminals
    • Crimping cable lugs and terminals
    • Affixing soldering joints
    • Equipping and adhering connectors
    • Equipping construction components
    • Fabricating cable bunches
    • Laying down cable bunches in an aircraft
    • Order systems and schematics
    • Introduction to production specifications 80-T
    • Worker self-evaluation
    • Overview of aircraft avionics and electrical systems



    • Completed vocational training as an electrician or electronics technician
    • Some professional experience in your field
    • Good knowledge of standard MS Office applications
    • Fluent German proficiency
    • Basic English proficiency is a plus
    • Diligent and detail-minded work ethic
    • Readiness, durability, and dependability
    • Willingness to work anywhere in Germany

    Training procedures

    The training course lasts three months in total. A two-month theoretical phase is followed by a one-month internship at a renowned manufacturer in the aerospace industry.

    In addition to their existing know-how as electricians, electronics engineers or mechatronics technicians, participants will receive a new set of comprehensive skills for their future jobs as aircraft technicians. The knowledge acquired during the theoretical phase of their training is turned into concrete skills through practical application in the workshop.

    Dates and application deadlines

    The dates for the current training course has yet to be determined. If you are interested in becoming an aircraft electrician, please use our online form to send us your speculative application. We look forward to hearing from you!