Advanced Training as an AIRCRAFT MECHANIC

Make the jump  with a career in aerospace

Are you certified in an occupation such as construction mechanic, precision machinist, industrial engineer, coachbuilder or metalworker? If you're looking for a change of pace in the aerospace industry, you've come to the right place. ARTS provides advanced qualifications for aircraft mechanics in manufacturing engineering.

Current Courses

Duties of an aircraft mechanic in manufacturing engineering

  • Structural assembly in the context of aircraft manufacturing
  • Fitting of construction components and subassemblies according to schematics, technical documentation, and regulatory prescriptions
  • Repair and maintenance duties (e.g., damages to the outer shell)
  • Upgrade and overhaul of construction components and the site
  • Fabrication of rivet joints and bracket mountsIncident reports (generation, tracking, and response)
  • Incident reports (generation, tracking, and response)

Training contents 

  • Aviation-specific materials, including their application and processing
  • Preparation and processing of adherends
  • Different forms of rivet connections
  • Drilling diameter and tolerances
  • Turn assembly, sealants, grounding connections
  • Independent fabrication of cell parts
  • Corrosion and rust types
  • Worker self-evaluation
  • Inspection methods and quality assurance
  • Introduction to production specifications 80-T



  • Completed vocational training in a metalworking occupation
  • Technical dexterity and a diligent, detail-minded work ethic
  • Good knowledge of standard MS Office applications
  • Fluent German proficiency
  • Basic English proficiency is a plus
  • Dedication and dependability
  • Willingness to work anywhere in Germany
  • Education credit support (Bildungsgutschein) from the federal employment office (Agentur für Arbeit)

Training procedures

The training course lasts three months in total. A two-month theoretical phase at one of our educational partners is followed by a one-month internship at a renowned manufacturer in the aerospace industry.

Participants receive comprehensive new skills for their future jobs as aircraft mechanics during the theoretical phase of their training, and this newly acquired know-how is turned into concrete skills through practical application in the workshop.