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Aerospace companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg are becoming faster, better and on step ahead with ARTS. We provide our professional expertise to companies such as Airbus Defence and Space at Lake Constance and in Ulm, Diehl Aircabin in Laupheim and Lufthansa Technik in Stuttgart. With our expertise we enable our customers to take a lead in the sustainable development of the aerospace industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg. You can find details of all jobs with ARTS in Baden-Wuerttemberg and more information about our on-site projects here. 

Jobs in Baden-Wuerttemberg

We needy our expertise in Baden-Wuerttemberg! 

In all our locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg - at Lake Constance, in and around Ulm or in the state capital Stuttgart - ARTS offers exciting projects. We are looking for specialists and management staff for a wide variety of jobs, in both the technical and commercial sectors, to strengthen our network of experts. If you would like to support us with your expertise in the long term and are looking for a challenging job in the aerospace industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg, then apply for a job with ARTS now!

Lake Constance region

The most important region for the aerospace industry in Baden Wuerttemberg

More than half of our workforce in the aerospace industry in Baden-Wuerttemberg is employed around Lake Constance. The industry on the banks of Lake Constance is in particular focused on the satellite, military and aviation technology sectors.

In the region ARTS supports, for instance, Airbus Defence and Space in Immenstaad and Friedrichshafen with their expertise in satellite technology. The company builds satellites, probes and instruments for space exploration such as weather and radar satellites.

To strengthen our network of experts around Lake Constance, we are looking among others for development engineers, systems engineers, software developers and employees in quality assurance.

Jobs in Friedrichshafen


A region whose innovative 

strength is crucial to the industry

Ulm may not be the heart of the European aerospace industry, but without the companies and research institutions of Ulm the industry in Europe would be entirely different. Here you will find companies whose expertise is crucial to the innovative strength of our industry.

In Ulm, ARTS help companies including Airbus Defence and Space with their expertise in the development and production of radar technology. In Laupheim, 20 kilometres away, we support system supplier Diehl Aircabin, who produces cabin equipment, rest areas for flight crews and air ducting.

If you would like to support the aerospace industry in Ulm with your innovative spirit and your expertise, send your application to ARTS.

Jobs in Ulm


Maintenance and repair at Stuttgart Airport

With the help of ARTS, Lufthansa Technik AG at Stuttgart Airport guarantee servicing and maintenance of a variety of aircraft. In total up to 20 aircraft belonging to different airlines are serviced each night.

Other customers in Stuttgart also benefit from our skills. In order to expand our network of experts we are constantly on the lookout for employees including aircraft mechanics and logistics staff.

Would you like to put your expertise and motivation to use in the aerospace industry in Stuttgart? Apply for one of our advertised vacancies or feel free to submit an unsolicited application!  
Jobs in Stuttgart

Our Human Resources experts will be happy to assist you  

Would you like to learn more about our projects in Baden-Wuerttemberg or to find out about opportunities for your personal development with ARTS, or have you any questions about a particular job? Our experts in the central personnel team or in our local branches are there to help you with advice and support.  

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