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aerospace industry in Lower Saxony

Numerous experts at project sites in Buxtehude, Stade and Varel, to name a few, enable ARTS to assist companies within aerospace in Lower Saxony to become faster, better and one step ahead. We support our customers, such as Premium AEREOTEC in Nordenham and Varel, or Airbus Operations GmbH in Buxtehude and Airbus Helicopters in Faßberg, both on an individual basis, with specialised know-how, and with ready-to-use solutions. ARTS's work in Lower Saxony is as diverse as the aerospace industry itself.

Your expertise is needed in Lower Saxony!  

ARTS supports its customers in Lower Saxony with a broad range of projects: for example, the development of complex cabin systems in Buxtehude, the maintenance of the NH90 NATO helicopter in Faßberg, the manufacture of plating in Nordenham, or the processing of CFRP components in Stade. To acquire and develop this particular know-how, we need specialised staff who put their unique skills at ARTS's disposal, every day. Help us with your expertise by applying to one of our jobs in Lower Saxony!


Buxtehude centre for cabin systems

Our team in the Airbus plant in Buxtehude work on the development of electronic systems for cabin communication, cabin management, control and power within the aircraft. In addition to jobs in the field of electronics, for example, as an aircraft electronics engineer, ARTS's Buxtehude site also offers jobs in supply chain management and logistics Apply to take up a position in our network of experts in Buxtehude! 



Fassberg German Armed Forces site for transport and naval helicopters

At the site in Fassberg, ARTS experts assist our customer Airbus Helicopters with the maintenance of the NH90 NATO helicopter, in close collaboration with the German Armed Forces. For example, ARTS aircraft mechanics and electricians handle pre- and post-flight checks on the NH90, analyse malfunctions, resolve faults and document the work performed. In addition to aircraft mechanics and electricians, ARTS employees from a broad range of areas are located in Fassberg. They all work in connection with the NH90 transport and naval helicopter.

If you too would like to become part of our team in Fassberg, apply today!

Jobs in Fassberg

Nordenham The most modern location for integrated aircraft hulls - worldwide

In Nordenham, ARTS primarily supports Premium AEROTEC in the manufacture of large plating and hulls for all types of aircraft in the Airbus family. Nordenham is our customer Premium AEROTEC's largest production site, and, by its own admission, the most modern production site for integrated aircraft hulls in the world. Every year, with ARTS's help, around 5,000 items are manufactured here, which are predominately finally assembled at Airbus in Hamburg.

Support us in Nordenham with your expertise!

Jobs in Nordenham

Stade A city dominated by CFRP

The ARTS team of experts in Stade is primarily composed of experts in CFRP because our focus here is on the development and processing of components made from carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). In addition to the jobs of painter and finisher, typical for this area, our team in Stade is also home to supply chain managers and project managers, as well as commercial staff. If you would like to participate in the development or production of CFRP components at Stade, you too can use your expertise at ARTS to set trends for the future. 


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Varel  From the smallest components to complete manufacturing devices

In Varel, ARTS works in collaboration with Premium AEROTEC to produce aircraft parts, primarily machined components and pieces from turned/milled steel, titanium and aluminium, used in all types of Airbus aircraft. In addition, ARTS assists Premium AEROTEC in Varel with assembling door and gate frames, as well as the floor structure of the A350 XWB, and the development and construction of equipment for assembly and production. This means that, in addition to commercial employees, in Varel we are looking for employees to work in production and assembly, such as NC machine operators, and employees in quality assurance and on the business side.

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Jobs in Varel