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Some 70 ARTS employees are working in a great variety of projects in Dresden, our most storied location. Besides the Airbus Group's Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), a thriving supplier economy has emerged here with connections throughout the European aerospace industry. One important aspect for this region is the Dresden-based research and development for aerospace technologies.

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The heart of ARTS beats in Dresden. Since our founding in the year 2000 this region has been our home and a constant source of comfort and inspiration during our many years in the aerospace industry.

ARTSers work with Elbe Flugzeugwerken (EFW) on aircraft refitting and maintenance, but also in the field of production. EFW in Dresden is engaged in the so-called Freighter Conversion, where decommissioned passenger aircraft are converted into cargo planes. Moreover, the panels for the entire range of Airbus series and aircraft types are manufactured in Dresden.

Many more employees work alongside our aviation mechanics in Dresden, including numerous engineers and draftsmen as well as staff for our clients' administrative projects.

Human-resource consulting is a focal point for ARTS in Saxony. Small and, above all, medium-sized businesses stand to make great gains with our sector-specific know-how, as we can analyze and optimize HR processes and recommend suitable specialists for our clients.