External expertise through employee leasing

When it comes to employee leasing, we are the preferred partner for many respected clients in the aerospace industry.

Our recommendations are tailored to meet the individual demands of each project with suitable personnel and industry expertise. In addition, our high-potential trainees and business specialists are at your service, as needed for specific projects, via personnel transfers and temp-to-perm arrangements. 

Expand your human resources at short notice with ARTS

Employee leasing is the perfect tool when you need to overcome sudden staff shortages, meet delivery deadlines, accommodate spikes in demand, or recruit specialists to lend their expertise to specific projects on a temporary basis. All of these measures serve to expand your human resources at short notice. Personnel costs can be reliably calculated in advance, and the process is further simplified by the fact that we manage all the administrative aspects of the employment relationship, from benefits and taxes to sick leave, vacation times and holiday compensation. Because we make our contacts available to you personally at all times, ARTS can help you fill vacancies in no time at all.

Technical expertise through high-potential trainees

Our engineers, specialists, and management experts are qualified in their respective fields and stand out through specific know-how in the aerospace industry. Thanks to many years of experience in this sector, ARTS is well positioned to find optimally qualified personnel to match every client's individual requirements. Prior to each assignment, we ensure that the employee is briefed and well-prepared, has undergone all the necessary medical examinations, and has received the requisite workwear. It is our goal to minimize the amount of effort required on the part of our clients when it comes to staff orientation and recruitment.

We can fill your vacancies in the following occupational categories*:

  • Planning engineer, manufacturing engineer, production planner
  • Certifying staff / auditor, validator, quality management staff
  • Development engineer, design engineer, structural engineer
  • Technical consultant, documentation staffon
  • Electrical engineer, avionics technician
  • Software developer, IT specialist
  • Aircraft mechanic, aircraft electrician
  • Painter & varnisher, process mechanic

Commercial experts

Our support extends beyond the technical arena. Depending on the tasks and requirements at hand, you can count on our human resource managers to guide you through the process of flexing your workforce or solving short-term staff shortages. These HR specialists are familiar with the requirements of commercial occupations in the aerospace industry, and they can help you find new colleagues for your business in these categories:

  • Purchasing agent, sales staff
  • Supply chain manager, logistics manager
  • Project manager
  • Controller, accountant
  • Mitarbeiter im Human Ressource Management
  • Human resource management staff 


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We promote careers

Our salaries are competitive and include full benefits in accordance with the BZA/BAP schedule of tariffs. Your career is important to us, so we find it only natural to provide advanced training, regular career consultations, individual planning, and round-the-clock personal support through our local contacts.



Let us find the  expert you've been looking for.

Our staff managers can help you find the right candidate for any job. Follow the link to our Recruitment page to find out about personnel procurement, candidate assessment, and more.


Please contact us if you have questions or are interested in our services.