Ultimately, the key to a successful enterprise is its employees: the more qualified they are, the better they are able to execute complex tasks. But the search for suitable personnel presents a real challenge regardless in which industrial sector, as the requirements for quality, functionality, and security of finished products are above average. Furthermore there is a growing shortage of skilled labour. Our HR consultants will work together with you to develop strategies allowing you to circumvent staff shortages now and in the future. We also support you in increasing your employee retention and optimizing your HR processes.

Our Recruitment Services team will support you with solutions in the areas of talent scouting, staff management, and HR process optimization, allowing you to position your business for a successful future. You need support in the area of Recruitment Services?

Optimized recruitment and employee retention thanks to ARTS expertise


We take individualized measures to enhance your employer image and decrease your staff turnover.


We show you how to speed up HR decision paths with the help of IT-supported process optimization.


We make your HR process more efficient and encourage better collaboration through short communication paths between HR and specialist departments.

Talent Scouting

  • We analyze the requirements for your open positions and develop relevant job profiles.

  • We evaluate measures designed to strengthen your future staff needs. To achieve the best possible results, our HR consultants work closely together with our experts from Temporary Employment and Executive Search & Personnel Placement .

  • We support you with your employer branding and show you how to ideally position your employer brand.

  • We use our vast network of academic institutions to facilitate suitable forms of on-campus marketing for your company.

  • We train specific candidate sourcing techniques (e.g. interview methods, social-media recruitment) which are especially important for certain target groups such as millennials.

  • We plan your assessment centers.

Talent Management

  • We examine your personnel structures in regards to efficient staff utilization.

  • We deliver appropriate solutions for staff development so that your company remains competitive in the rapidly evolving job market.

  • We recognize the individual skills and possibilities of your employees by way of potential analysis.

  • We develop suitable staff leadership concepts.

  • We devise measures for workplace health promotion in your company.

  • We design appropriate salary and benefit programs for your business.

  • We advise you on legal issues your HR department is confronted with.

HR Process Optimization

  • We consult you, how IT-supported process optimization in the HR department can save you money, time and long communication paths.

  • We model your HR procedural structures and develop concepts for recruitment, employee retention, and process optimization.

  • We offer an integrated approach to personnel controlling and help you develop a professional indicator system.

  • We optimize your HR KPIs (e.g., quality of the application, expenditures per hire, training costs, personnel support rate, staff fluctuation, or employee motivation).

  • As part of our on-site management services, we are also happy to assume responsibilities within your in-house HR department.

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