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recruitment services

When it comes to hiring someone for the aerospace industry, there's a lot to consider--for example, making sure the applicant's profile reflects the requisite certifications and industry know-how. We support your HR department in finding the right experts and filling leadership positions, especially in middle management, so that you can reduce your recruitment effort and focus on your core business.

Candidate search and assessment for the aerospace industry

Our expert network is always expanding, and we're constantly adding new talent to give us a quantitative and qualitative advantage. Our success shows that we are on the right track: today our database of applicants boasts more than 10,000 contacts every year.

Candidate recruitment

For the recruitment process in the field of personnel procurement, our staff managers use active sourcing mechanisms tailored specifically for the industry and target group:

  • We know exactly where the right aerospace candidates are located, both online and unplugged.
  • We use a targeted recruitment strategy on social media in order to connect with high-potential trainees all across the sector.
  • We regularly participate in talent fairs and career events to meet suitable new experts in the fields of commerce, aviation and areospace.
  • We maintain close ties to universities and other institutions of higher learning offering degrees in aeronautics and related fields. This allows us to connect with high-potential (highly sought after) recruits in the sector.
  • We never shy away from difficult or challenging recruiting efforts. Our network of experts is not just broad but also deep, so that we're always able to find a match for your project.

Candidate assessment

Our staff managers are trained to evaluate your potential new employees in great detail:

  • All candidates qualified for a given vacancy are screened to narrow down the pool of applicants.
  • We approach each candidate individually. Especially in specialized fields such as engineering skilled personnel are increasingly being approached by recruiters. Our staff managers look for individual interests, qualifications, and other factors to determine where there is common ground with the candidates.

  • We conduct interviews with applicants online and offline in English and German.
  • Candidates undergo rigorous testing procedures in our own assessment centers, the results of which provide an objective evaluation of their skills.
  • We create individual resumes for the most promising candidates and pass them on to you, along with a complete profile.


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Quick response time

Getting you results quickly is one of our top priorities. To achieve lightning-fast response times, we use specialized recruiting software to manage our applicants. The ARTS matching tool knows the ins and outs of the aerospace industry and its particular requirements. It is partially automated and capable of returning a critical selection of suitable candidates from our talent pool based on your job description.

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We have the expert you're looking for.

So you need a quick fix? An immediate solution? You've come to the right place: we're happy to lend you our support in the form of qualified staff through employee leasing.

Employee Leasing

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