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Choosing your path to ARTS

The easiest way to apply is through our dedicated online form, where you can fill in your relevant information and upload documents such as transcripts and references. Naturally, you can also submit your application by email to the responsible person of contact in our central HR department. The person in charge can also help you with any questions you might have concerning your application.

Finding the perfect fit
Find your calling at ARTS in pretty much any field!

Long-term search

We are equally happy to accept applications from candidates who are not looking for immediate employment but may want to make the change at a later date.

In that case, you can join our network of applicants--with absolute discretion, of course--and we will contact you as soon as an opportunity arises that fits your professional background.


Recognizing potential 

It can happen: for whatever reason, the position you wanted is no longer available. If your application has us nonetheless convinced of your talent, we would be happy to have you join our applicant network so that we may continue to search for suitable vacancies.

What's more, you will receive regular updates from industry sources in and outside ARTS to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.

Unsolicited application 

If your search for a suitable vacancy turns up empty, do not hesitate to send us your application "on spec". We welcome unsolicited applications, and if your candidacy catches our eye then we will do our utmost to find you an adequate position.

Letter Mail for success - Your application by post

Of course you can always send us your application by regular mail. In that case, please send your documents to our central human-resource department at the following address:

Airport Center Dresden
Hermann-Reichelt-Str. 3
01109 Dresden , Germany 

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Keeping applicants in the loop

Within days of receiving your application and credentials, we will get back to you with a confirmation and possibly a few follow-up questions. After that, our HR teams ensure that the respective job requirements are satisfied; or, in the case of unsolicited applications, they check the list of available jobs against your qualifications.

Employment at a client firm

When your profile matches the requirements, we recommend you to our clients as a suitable candidate for the given project. If the cilent agrees that you are the right person for the job, then you will be invited to an interview, in most cases on-site with our client.

Employment at ARTS

In this case, our own internal HR department is solely responsible for checking your application and inviting you to an interview with us if we think you are a suitable candidate. Any further questions should be resolved during the interview, after which we will inform you if your application was successful or if we have to continue the search for a suitable contract. Either way, we pledge to keep you informed at all times.