Prize draw to win an ARTS 2018 “expertise4innovations” calendar

ARTS, working in collaboration with Airbus and the industrial photographer, Wolfram Schroll, has created a new, artistic calendar showcasing innovations in the aviation and space industries. To mark the end of the year, ARTS will be holding a prize draw, enabling entrants to win one of five calendars, each of which measures 60 cm by 60 cm. The calendar and the associated campaign both feature under the expertise4innovations label.

With its 2018 expertise4innovations campaign, ARTS will be using its new calendar to showcase a different innovation in the fields of space and aviation each month. The campaign also includes a series of specialist blog articles of the same name, each of which will appear on the first of the month, in which ARTS will not only feature the innovation as photographed, but will also describe its own efforts to promote innovation.

As the year draws to a close, ARTS will be holding a prize draw, enabling five entrants to win a calendar featuring the work of the photographer, Wolfram Scholl, who has been a specialist industrial photographer for over twelve years, working for small businesses and large companies including Airbus, Siemens and Bosch. His main focus is on light industrial engineering, the steel industry, medical technology, research, and aerospace sectors, with photo sessions sometimes lasting for several weeks and taking him all over the world. For the Airbus photo series, he visited nine research and development laboratories in Germany, France, Spain and Great Britain, meeting the challenge of capturing innovative technologies such as space radar echo chambers, the inner technical workings of satellites, acoustic laboratories, and many more.

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