Ensuring Maximum efficiency with lean processes

We help aerospace firms achieve lasting success.

"We maintain enduring, results-oriented relationships with our clients. We know that time is money--and where we need to tinker in order to achieve the best possible results."

Christoph Lehmann, BDM at ARTS

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Design efficient processes and plan ahead effective solutions

International cooperation, long-term timescales, and large up-front expenditures are standard practice in the aerospace industry.

Given these realities, it is more important than ever to design efficient processes. Our ability to plan ahead with effective solutions for our clients gives you a decisive competitive advantage.

Effective advice for efficient solutions

Our excellence in consulting is rooted, above all else, in years of practical experience. We are familiar with industry-specific requirements, down to the last detail, and pass this knowledge on to you through our consultant solutions. Our advisors take an integral approach to consulting, keeping an eye on the big picture while also delving into even the finest details.



Training fostering loyalty and expertise

For aerospace firms looking to retain their qualified personnel and also recruit the brightest minds in the future, it is imperative to think about career advancement now. We can help.


Our consulting services are as  diverse as our customers themselves.

In the field of consulting and training, we have long supported renowned companies from the aerospace sector, such as Elbe Flugzeugwerke in Dresden and many more. Our clients are able to strengthen their businesses with our expertise. Follow the link below to learn more about existing ARTS success stories!