External expertise through vocational qualifications and

company training

ARTS takes onboard the coordination and implementation of qualifications and training in technical and commercial aerospace for it's customers.

We prepare your current workforce, and especially future employees, for their upcoming tasks on a personal Level, in accordance with your requirements.

We plan precisely for your aeronautical training.

Qualified personnel are the deciding factor for any successful enterprise in the aerospace sector; but at times, finding the right people can be a significant bottleneck. It's not always possible to find candidates with all the requisite skills for an open position.

Certification Course

To avoid shortages of qualified personnel in your company, ARTS works with you to certify new employees.

  • We develop long-term strategies for the qualification of potential employees. In doing so, we are always mindful to maintain an equitable balance between theory and practice. Individual participants can complete the mandatory internship at your firm, or by request at a trusted aerospace manufacturing company in our network.
  • For skilled workers with a completed education in an external field, we can qualify them to work in the aerospace sector.
  • Among others, we offer technical studies in aerospace as an aircraft cabin interior designer, aircraft mechanic, manufacturing engineer, or electronics technician for aviation systems.

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Company Training

Like few other fields, the aerospace industry demands quality, functionality, and safety at the highest levels. At the same time, companies and their people are constantly adjusting to changes and developments. If you want to master these challenges, it's a good idea to invest early in training for your employees. As part of a company training program, we impart essential know-how in the field of aerospace as well as specialized skills specific to the industry.

  • We can determine the necessary training modules for your employees and develop a career-boosting training plan.
  • We can reduce training-related down time by shifting certain activities to the workplace itself.
  • For existing qualified personnel in your firm, we organize and implement high-level certification courses tailored to the aerospace industry.
  • We monitor the status of your staff certifications and take care of re-certification as needed.

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When it comes to qualification and certification, we are supported by a network of established partners in education, such as Lufthansa Technical Training and Aero Bildung. 

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