Success Story Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus DS) is a subsidiary of the Airbus Group and is active in the aerospace and defence industries. Airbus DS covers the full range of civil and military aerospace technology and is the largest defence and aerospace company in Europe and the second largest aerospace company in the world. This leading position was the result of the merger of Cassidian, Airbus Military, and Astrium in 2014. Airbus DS had €14 billion in sales in 2015 and employs approximately 40,000 people, with locations in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

Together with its partners in the aerospace industry, Airbus DS realises projects related to military aircraft (A400M, Eurofighter, etc.), aerospace (the Ariane programme, etc.) as well as communication, education, and safety issues. ARTS has been a strategic partner since the Airbus DS realignment in 2014, providing support in the areas of:

Solutions: handling processes in manufacturing & engineering, production services, as well as project, quality & supply chain management on a contract basis;

Experts: sharing expertise in the form of personnel leasing.

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About 10 % of all ARTS employees are deployed at 15 Airbus DS locations throughout Europe contributing their expertise to ensure the success of various projects. Many ARTS experts work at Ottobrunn (Taufkirchen), the Airbus DS space centre, where Airbus DS is working on a very exciting project called EDRS (European Data Relay Satellite System). Specialist aerospace engineers working on EDRS are creating the data highway of the future in outer space. The primary goal of the project is the real-time collection of observation data collected by LEO satellites.

ARTS brings its expertise to this and other Airbus DS aerospace projects. ARTS can look at the following successful projects:

Aircraft fitting

Bremen is Europe's centre for human spaceflight, launch rockets, and space robotics. At its Bremen location, Airbus DS has about 1,000 employees working on significant projects for the International Space Station (the Columbus space laboratory, the ATV space transporter) and ARIANE 5 (developing the upper stage of the launch rocket). Bremen is also the largest German location for the A400M, where the fuselage of the military transport aircraft is assembled and flight systems such as the cargo loading system are built. An ARTS team of experienced electricians in Bremen handles the installation of the individual ATA 53, 21, 25, 26, 27, 92 components and assemblies in the A400M programme.


Production planning and supply chain management 

 The final assembly line for the CN235, C295, and A400M aircraft is located in San Pablo, Spain, near Seville. Airbus DS in Seville also works on the Ariane 5, the most powerful European launch rocket to date, and the NASA Mars Rover Environmental Monitoring Station. ARTS is involved in the A400M programme as a service supplier. Our experts create production planning and document design deviations (NCs, DQNs) and a team of supply chain managers handles the receiving and internal distribution of deliveries.

ARTS experts are deployed in these Airbus DS areas as part of a personnel leasing arrangement:

Manufacture of satellite and solar generators for space

Our technicians for solar modules are helping Airbus DS in Taufkirchen with the pre-assembly and integration of various solar generator types, performing mechanical tests at the component and wing levels, and helping to define and design ground support equipment and test devices. Taufkirchen, southeast of Munich, is a traditional aerospace location for Airbus DS. About 900 skilled employees work here on space propulsion, satellite subsystems for telecommunications, navigation, and earth observation. One current project is the development of thrust chambers for the Ariane 5, the core of the rocket's propulsion engine.

Testing of ARIANE 5 propulsion components

Our assembly and test technicians are very familiar with the production tools known as MAIT (manufacturing, assembly, integration and test) and use these to test the propulsion components of the ARIANE 5 launcher for Ariane Group GmbH in Taufkirchen. They perform thermal shock, pressure, tightness and leakage, flow and sealing tests on location as well as functional tests and electrical measurements on various components for the ARIANE 5. Airbus Safran Launchers is the result of a merger of an Airbus subsidiary with French aerospace company Safran. Ariane Group GmbH is responsible for the construction of the ARIANE 5 and has also received the commission to develop and build the ARIANE 6.

Engineering expertise testing the fatigue and damage tolerance of A400M fuselage components

ARTS engineering experts are at work at Airbus DS in Bremen performing structural tests on fuselage components for the A400M. ARTS engineer Pavel Izyumskiy tests the A400M for fatigue and damage tolerance at the Bremen location: "My daily work is quite varied and challenging. I analyse the structural tests (A400M Full-Scale Fatigue Test), compile documentation, do various calculations, and validate aircraft structures with respect to fatigue and damage tolerances. Also working on this team is such a pleasure and ARTS is always available if there are any questions."

System integration for software applications in space

Airbus DS spun off its electric portfolio (radar, avionics, and electronic protection systems) in 2016. 74.9% of Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security was acquired by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. ARTS experts are also hard at work in Ulm for Airbus DS Electronics & Border Security integrating various software applications, adapting installation scripts to the specific needs of the aerospace industry and creating highly sensitive software test cases.

Project management for the aerospace industry

Several ARTS experts are deployed in Seville analysing, evaluating, and creating the relevant documentation for the A400M programme. They handle service requests and flight incidents with care and regularly coordinate with the relevant departments such as design, quality management, and customer care. "ARTS has let me realise my dream of working for an international company abroad, in this case, Airbus Defence & Space. At A400M FAL in Seville, I have the privilege of being able to work directly on the product, a fact that still impresses and motivates me every day. As a project assistant, I face new and exciting challenges every day that allow me to use my experience in a multicultural company," Stephanie Schmidt, Project Assistant in the A400M programme in Seville.