AIRBUS Success Story:
Joint collaboration ensures success of project

Airbus Group operates sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America and is Europe's largest aerospace and second largest arms company. Its main production sites and final assembly lines are located in Hamburg and Toulouse. The aircraft manufacturer additionally runs several component plants in Europe: its wings, for instance, are produced in the UK. Thanks to this comprehensive range of products, the Group generated a revenue of 64.5 billion euros in the year 2015.

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At Airbus, industrial cooperation is a top priority: To maintain its competitive edge on the market, Airbus needs to collaborate with industry-specific companies and suppliers around the globe. Since its inception in 2000, ARTS has been working together with Airbus and providing aviation-specific expertise in the areas of:

Solutions (autonomous process takeover for activities in the areas Manufacturing & Engineering, Production Services, as well as Project, Quality & Supply Chain Management),

Experts (expertise in the form of temporary employment leasing)

The Airbus product line consists of several highly successful aircraft families with a passenger capacity from 100 to more than 850 seats:

  • the short and medium haul aircraft series A320 (including A318, A319, A321),
  • the aircraft range A330 for medium and long haul flights (including the A330-200 freighter and the new models A330-800neo and -900neo)
  • the successor model of the A340, the A350 XWB - the airliner with the highest percentage of carbon fibre composites in fuselage and wing structure,
  • and the wide-body A380 passenger aircraft. Airbus's flagship aircraft features two full-length passenger decks and can carry up to 853 passengers.

We are present along the entire value chain to assist Airbus with turnkey solutions within the framework of service contracts (Solutions), and we are also responsible for the Project:

Subprojects for A380 & A350 production

The plant in Saint-Nazaire (France) has approximately 2,300 employees. In this French port town, Airbus assembles, among others, the cockpit of the Airbus A380 with its centre fuselage section (centre wing box), as well as the A350 fuselage sections and the nose. Here, our "Production Services" team works independently on projects in the areas of production planning, production, electrical equipment and system installation. "We have relied on ARTS expertise in the production area for years. It is crucial for our company to work together with service providers such as ARTS, who are at home and move around in the aviation sector, and know its current qualitative requirements. What I appreciate most in ARTS is their staff – it’s highly qualified and motivated," says Karen Rauschenbach, former Head of the Production Team of Airbus St Nazaire.

Test and repair of transport racks and special aviation tools

Our structural mechanics team assists Airbus in testing and repairing transport racks and special tools for the aviation industry. Our aircraft mechanics implement reconstruction and repair measures on specific devices and tools for Airbus and are therefore always able to meet all qualitative Airbus requirements. The service contract covers all phases of maintenance; i.e., our team is in charge of repairs and maintenance, stress tests, logistical tasks as well as management and problem reporting.

Test repair of A321 wings

Filton by Bristol, in England’s South West, is the metropolis of aviation in the UK. Here, Airbus operates a large plant, next to BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. Its 4,500 employees make it the largest Airbus representation in the UK. Airbus wings, fuel systems and landing gear integration are designed in Filton, and wings are repaired there as well. ARTS is on the spot with a structural mechanics team in the department "Wing Repair" and is responsible for the test repair of A321 wings, while it independently develops and implements technical and physical repair Solutions.

Subproject: Supply chain management for A350

Bordeaux (France) is where show and test aircraft of the A350 brand are converted to civil aircraft. On-site ARTS supply chain managers are in charge of the construction of a storage system management (storage surface of ​​250.000 m2) for the re-equipment of high-speed wings for the A350. Our logistics experts here carefully monitor individual wing components as well as the spare parts supply. In order to respond flexibly to short-term changes in demand, they need to be in constant consultation with on-site engineers and structural mechanics.

Subproject: Logistics and material management for A350

The A350 is first manufactured locally, then finally assembled in Toulouse (France). Final assembly requires a high-quality, reliable logistics centre. An ARTS team with seasoned experts in Line Support, Shop Floor Support and Local Logistics is on location at the central collection point for logistics and material management of the A350. In addition to handling logistical challenges, our ARTS Supply Chain Managers also deal with material complaints, material disposal and the dispatch of materials to other Airbus sites.

Around 40 % of the ARTS staff works successfully in Airbus Operations projects. Especially in Hamburg, the most important aviation centre in Germany, our expertise in aeronautics proves useful to Airbus. For ARTS as well as the entire aviation industry, the extreme importance of Hamburg as a location is not merely due to the fact that airliners and freight companies around the world are supplied with 50 % of Airbus's single-aisle annual production from the Hamburg site - Hamburg also possesses a unique partner and supplier structure for the aerospace industry, with a wide range of services worldwide. However, Hamburg is not the only place where our best aviation experts are at the disposal of Airbus – they are also available throughout Europe.

ARTS experts at Airbus are also active in these technical and commercial fields as part of employee leasing.


Engineering: Design, Construction, Process Engineering, Production Planning and Control

  • Our company’s development engineers are aerospace specialists who optimize assemblies and modules and work in projects of all Airbus aircraft types. They perform vulnerability assessments, create construction documents designed for manufacturing and always ensure, under observation of all processes, the modularity, functionality and integration capability of our own as well as foreign assemblies.

  • Our production engineers are present in all Airbus production sites in Europe, and carry out development activities such as the improvement of components and assemblies or the construction of avionics components that are relevant for safety, for A320, A330, A350 or A380. They also cover fault tolerances and redundancy concepts.

  • ARTS engineers carry out work scheduling for the production of the A380 and A350. They create work orders, plan the production in collaboration with the production department and evaluate assembly concepts under the premises of punctuality, efficiency and quality. "As a scheduler for the new production and series production of the A350, my colleagues and I are in charge of all preliminary work on the aircraft. The first conversion of a test aeroplane into a customer machine is exciting and requires an agile and flexible approach. Collaboration with ARTS runs smoothly because there is always an expert I can contact who is happy to help me whenever I have a doubt," says Oliver Oelze, on-site member of the Manufacturing Engineering Team for Line and Shop Floor Support at Airbus, Toulouse.

  • Our quality engineers are continuously striving to maintain a high quality standard in aircraft development and production and to develop preventive measures that will avert adverse events and conditions. To do this, they are constantly analysing claims reports as well as internal and external complaints.

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Production for A320, A330, A350 and A380

  • ARTS aircraft electricians are also busy in the Final Assembly Line of the A320 in Hamburg, where they are in charge of the installation, testing and commissioning of electrical components. They use a wide range of diagnostic software and always keep track of the cable construction in the aircraft, the length of which can reach several kilometres. Our electricians are certified according to the guidelines of the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA, and their CAT A / CAT-B license ensures the approval of aeronautical devices after they have completed their work.
  • ARTS aircraft mechanics carry out tasks on aircraft types A320, A350 and A380. Our mechanics are directly involved in aircraft manufacturing/maintenance and perform work on the fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Some of our mechanics are also responsible for testing and supplying the means of production in the trunk and tail section area. Here, functional testing and troubleshooting are also of great importance.

Commercial Aviation Experts 

  • The production site in Hamburg is the linchpin in the development and production of all Airbus programmes. Hamburg is the home of the A320 aircraft family programme management. The production of structural parts and final assembly of the A318, A319, A320 and A321 are also carried out in Hamburg. Besides, the Hanseatic city also plays a significant role in the A380 programme: The structural assembly and equipment of the front and rear fuselage sections, and the interior cabin furnishing and painting all take place in Hamburg. In Hamburg, ARTS aviation specialists and project managers work on programmes for different aircraft types and support them through the application of project management methods. They monitor the different stages of a project and regularly conduct a Risk and Opportunity Management.
  • An ARTS employee is in charge of the Airbus Graduate Scheme and conducts development discussions with participants of the scheme. "To be honest - when I started out, I was quite sceptical about staff leasing, but ARTS has proven me wrong!" says Dorothea Haupt, the Young People Retention and Communication Specialist at Airbus Hamburg.
  • At Airbus Hamburg our demand and supply specialists also actively control the flow of materials on behalf of different Airbus departments. They plan material requirements and monitor, place and track orders from suppliers.
  • ARTS buyers compile and present Airbus with spare parts recommendations in consideration of specific predefined parameters. Not only do they plan the stocking of spare parts, but they also analyse the stock for existing and planned aircraft fleets.