Planning security
and flexibility, even as
the pace of development quickens.

"When you take over fully outsourced process from a company, you're assuming great responsibility. We face up to the challenge every day, and ARTS takes the next logical step so that our clients can concentrate on their core business."

Gerald Unger, CEO and founder at ARTS

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Turn-key solutions  for the aerospace industry

The longevity of existing model series requires increasingly individual updates at ever-shorter intervals.

Each and every project team at ARTS boasts a deep understanding of customer-oriented processes and proficiency methods. This enables us to provide our clients with turn-key solutions throughout the entire aircraft life cycle.

Manufacturing & engineering

Our specialists are experienced with projects like yours and can assume complete processes for you.


In order to keep up with the current pace of technological development in the field, companies are increasingly sharing the burden by outsourcing their assembly and product-related services.

Our team of engineers are dedicated to finding the products, services, and processes that individually work for you. Our know-how ranges across development, construction, planning, scheduling, and production control to name but a few areas.


Production services

We support you in the production of aerospace products.


Our specialists boast a wealth of experience in dealing with highly complex processes in the field of production services.

That means you can also count on the ARTS project teams in areas such as prefabrication, structural assembly, mechanical gear and electrical equipment, or the finalization of remaining jobs.


Project management and quality assurance

We guarantee short project cycles.


Efficient project management is crucial in the aerospace industry. International cooperation, extended project cycles and high financial outlays all place high demands on a comprehensive and competent prodcution schedule. ARTS project managers are IPMA-certified, and--thanks to years of experience in the industry--thoroughly familiar with the specific challenges of project management in aerospace. We attend to your project every step of the way with expert advice on planning and preparation, implementation, management, and controlling. The latest project-management tools and methods are at your disposal throughout every stage of a given project.

As an AS-9100-certified company, ARTS meet the aerospace industry's high standards in terms of quality, safety and reliability. Our comprehensive consulting services can help transform your workflow in terms of material efficiency, time optimizations, and overall quality. We can help you conduct internal audits and ensure that you are meticulously prepared for external audits. Last but not least, individually tailored training courses and seminars ensure that your staff keep up with best practices and the latest trends in aerospace quality management.


Made with ARTS

Clients all across Europe trust our expertise on solutions for the aerospace sector.

As a longstanding partner for manufacturers, suppliers, MRO providers and related aerospace firms, we have gained an immense amount of practical experience. Whether we are dealing with the modernization, restructuring, or redesign of existing products and processes, we know how to react quickly to changing dynamics in the aerospace industry.

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