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Our Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew (MAMC) will support you in pre-fabrication, structure assembly, mechanical and electrical installation and set-up procedures, as well as by carrying out repairs and remaining work. For well-known MRO businesses, airlines, suppliers and manufacturers, we are already a long-term partner involved in projects in the areas of servicing, retrofitting and maintenance. You also have demands for MRO services?

With our Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew you are better, faster and always one step ahead


Highly specialised MRO expertise.


Faster project execution and shorter layover times.


Improving your maintenance performance.

Outsourcing in the areas of avionics, systems and airframe

The ARTS MAMC is active worldwide and implements service bulletin installations, aircraft upgrades and heavy, as well as base maintenance projects, in the MRO fields of avionics, systems and airframes, directly on the aircraft or aircraft components.

Whether servicing, inspection, maintenance or modifications, we take over the following processes in the areas of avionics, systems and airframes:

  • Heavy / base maintenance

  • Aircraft upgrades / refurbishment

  • Service bulletin installation

Portfolio Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew

Our Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew (MAMC) consists of highly specialised aircraft electronics engineers, aircraft mechanics as well as CAT A and CAT B inspectors. Depending on the required tasks we put together the most suitable team. Equipped with our own tools and own testing equipment we guarantee a qualified on-site MRO service with full control of costs and maximum planning reliability.

Our MAMC services include amongst others:

  • Removal and installation

  • Testing and commissioning of electrical components

  • Servicing, maintenance and repairs on fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic, water and waste disposal systems

  • Removal and installation of relevant structure components

  • Restoration of rivet joints on the aircraft fuselage

  • Measurement and adaptation of aircraft component parts

  • Special detailed inspections (SDI)

  • Roto testing

  • Flap peening and cold working


Among others, ARTS has taken over the following MRO sub-processes for its clients:

  • Installation of the AirNav system in different aircraft models

  • Conversion of A310-300 prototypes to MRT (multi-role transporter) and MRTT (multi-role transporter & tanker)

  • Installation of flight test instrumentation, such as sensors, data recording devices, actuators and telemetry equipment in the A400M programme

  • Skin repair and replacement on A330 and A380 aircraft, as well as replacement of seat rails in the A330 and A380

  • A380 Door Modification

  • Installation of cargo-hold doors during retrofitting of the A300-600 cargo aircraft

  • Modifications to the fire warning system in the centre-wing box on the A400M

ARTS Brochure

Brochure Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew

Find out more about the ARTS MAMC and our references in our brochure:

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