Supply Chain Management - an overview

Supply chain management is the answer to many questions that customers from the private The developments and events of the recent past have presented many companies with previously unknown problems. Supply chain excellence is the key to efficiency and competitiveness in global markets. An outstanding supply chain is also characterized by flexibility and transparency. Companies with supply chain excellence are able to react more quickly to market changes, minimize costs and maximize the quality of their products at the same time. But the path to supply chain excellence is not an easy one: it requires reliable partners, commitment and team spirit.

World-class supply chains drive business success

Supply Chain Management: Our expertise

Taking internal and external factors into account, we offer cross-divisional individual and complete solutions for your supply chain management. With our solutions, your existing processes along the entire value chain can be made more transparent, plannable and efficient.

Our highly qualified team can look back on an impressive track record that includes successful projects for well-known companies such as Airbus. In these projects, for example, our experts have developed and operated a state-of-the-art warehouse management system specifically designed for the planned maintenance of aircraft parts.

 In addition, we have permanently taken over tool management in various projects, which has enabled us to optimize tool variety and reduce tool inventory without compromising tool availability. These efficiency improvements regularly lead to significant savings of up to 20 percent of total process costs for our customers. Our focus is on combining proven strategies and innovative solutions to optimize our customers’ supply chain and ensure long-term success.

These are just a few examples of our collaboration with partners from various industries in the context of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). We support our customers on their path to supply chain excellence and help them to position themselves optimally for the ever-increasing competition in the high-tech industries.

Challenges for supply chains in high technology

Today’s challenges form the basis and offer potential for improved and more robust supply chain management in the future. Internal processes must therefore be designed in such a way that they harmonize as well as possible with the interfaces to customers and suppliers. This challenge in itself is not new. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet it due to ever-increasing volumes of data. Big data management is playing an increasingly important role in improving supply chain management. The foundation for this is transparency. Suppliers should decide now at the latest to increase the development of corresponding management resources and active risk management for their supply chain.