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Building on the experience of over two decades servicing clients in the aerospace industry, ARTS Solutions delivers successful professional solutions in the fields of areostructure, avionics, aircraft maintenance, aircraft asset management and aerospace consulting.

As the responsible partner for your work packages, our focus is on increasing your process efficiency while also reducing your overheads. Our goal is to reduce your process costs and allow you more freedom to focus on your core business model.

Your team at ARTS Solutions stands ready to initiate client-tailored work packages wherever the location. Workforce flexibility and mobility is one of our core competencies. We support our clients on site, whether this is end-assembly on a production line, in a completion centre, or refitting and upgrading in MRO facilities.

Our clients include aircraft manufacturers (OEM) such as Airbus and ATR as well as a wide range of other avionic specialists including Sabena technics, RUAG, MRAS or Tarmac.

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Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg was faced with the challenge of converting the civil Airbus A310 into a Multi Role Transporter (MRT).

1st ARTS order: Installation of cargo door


The installation of the freighter door on the second freighter conversion of an Airbus A310 MRT was the first ARTS project, which has been followed by many exciting assignments to date.