Aerospace Manufacturing Partner

      “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” 
      Peter Drucker

      ARTS gives you best, high quality, flexible and optimize aerostructure and components services with improved process integration.

      We address our aircraft related services to all stakeholders. Whether you are an Equipment Manufacturer, Aircraft Manufacturer, Airline or MRO. ARTS has the perfect solution to support you and provide the best customer experience.

      Leading outsourcing partner and support service provider for industrial activities in the field of aircraft construction, MRO and support as well as aerospace engineering consulting


      Our solutions are based on more than 20 years of high level aerospace experience. ARTS will accompany your projects in your production facilities, for line fit within final assembly line or completion centers or retrofit at MRO facilities, and in service - or around the world - wherever you need excellent aircraft related services.

      Installation, FAL-Support, Outstanding - & Outsourced work


      ARTS supports aircraft manufactures (OEM) and suppliers (Tier 1&2) to manufacture and install parts or components as outsourced work.

      Aerostructure, system and equipment suppliers provide their constituent assemblies to aircraft manufacturers at their facilities. Once delivered, the constituent assembly may be subject to modification, rework or assistance. Pending works can be performed either by a constituent assembly manufacturer or by aircraft manufacturer, which may cause disturbance in the nominal and lean workflow of a final assembly line.

      Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul / Aircraft Life Cycle Support


      ARTS is your best choice to support you in aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul activities such as line-, base- and heavy maintenance, as well as aircraft storage and End of Life Solutions.

      With our high level skilled and experienced team we provide you short and long term work force solutions, and we can take over complex work packages in all maintenance and support processes.

      This ensures a maximum of flexibility and significant cost advantages without compromising any kind of quality requirements.

      Refurbishment, Modification &


      ARTS has expertise of refurbishment, modifications and upgrades of aircraft cabins, which we are able to do e.g. while the customer's aircraft is in maintenance. From manufacturing engineering, installation up to testing - our experts and certifying staff cover the entire value chain for your required modifications.

      Our ability to meet all of your needs on site supports you in reducing maintenance layover downtime. Whether you require minor changes such as material modifications on existing interiors, new equipment, lighting changes or want to create an entirely new interior for your aircraft, ARTS do it all for you and your customer's aircraft.


      Our activities in the aerospace market can be segmented into the following applications:

      • Aerostructures

      • Aircraft Interiors & Cabin

      • Wings, Landing Gear and Engines

      • Power Distribution & Aircraft Electrical Interconnection Harnesses


      The Military & Defence market can be categorised as follows:

      • Ground Defence

      • Military Aerospace

      • Space

      • Unmanned vehicles

      Our services meet the most stringent quality and performance standards for all the major OEMs, including aerospace related military and industrial authorities.

      Aerospace outsourcing partner and working party contractor

      With our integrated process evaluation system we are able to organize smooth working parties in your organization. We ensure smart work solutions as outsourcing services under your quality responsibility as a special qualified extended work bench partner.

      Full Flexibility and Mobility

      Worldwide presence for global customer assistance

      The highest customer orientation

      Custom-built work packages with multi-functional teams

      Effective and efficient

      Flexible organization regarding schedule and functional deadlines

      Cost oriented approach

      Best price on the market thanks to out of the box solutions

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      Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Process Outsourcing

      For you as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or an aerosystems supplier, ARTS takes over tasks in the fields of airframes, aerostructure, systems and avionics.

      We implement modifications and service bulletin installations or aircraft upgrades and support you in line and base, as well as heavy maintenance projects, in your MRO.

      Aircraft Cabin & Cabin Components Maintenance

      ARTS realizes component related maintenance for cabin interior at our facilities or as extended workbench at your facilities.

      We offer services as well as Cabin Refurbishment, Modification and Upgrades.

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      Aerospace Support Services

      ARTS is a leading technical BPO support service provider that helps to increase the efficiency and reducing costs.

      Our technical support executives have intensive knowledge and help us to take our support services a step ahead by clearly understanding the business environment, requirements and the variables.

      AOG - Mobile Task Force

      Our mobile task force - a hand-picked team, assembled according to your requirements - takes over worldwide aircraft related services as well as wing support under your responsibility.

      You as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or MRO profit from our 24/7 flexibility.

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      Aerospace HR Solutions

      We are Germany's No.1 aerospace recruiter, supplying the European aerospace and defence industry for 20 years.

      We offer you specified recruiting solutions and temporary work force as well as complex HR business process outsourcing.

      Aerospace Engineering Consulting

      Our expertise in engineering & technology consulting enables our aerospace clients to save up process costs while fully concentrating on their core business.

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      Meet our Aerospace Team

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