Aviation Asset Management

Aviation Asset Management

ARTS understands how aircraft owners and lessors’operate their businesses. In the area of aviation asset management we act as an extension of their technical teams, providing a one-stop solution to optimise both cost and operational readiness, in managing their valuable assets over the course of their lifecycles. Our aviation asset management services range from on-site support to commercial advisory, flight operations support, and material and repair management.


We assign and make available the finest technicians and consultant for our clients’ projects thanks to our experience as an aviation recruiting company.

We integrate innovative organizational solution concepts to give our clients a competitive edge.
ARTS also advocates the training integration for young talents by having them work under the direction of experts.


All our procedures take into account social, ethical, and environmental concerns. This is reflected in our working procedures, our compliance with regulations, and our willingness to work with clients who share the same view.

Your advantages with our Aviation Asset Management:

Global Presence

We assist you at MRO sites around the world.

Turnkey single source Solution

Managing all major aspects of aviation asset management under onesingle umbrella.

Full Transparency

You have access to all project data at all times.

Partner Network

With a vast network of qualified and certified partners, we ensure regulatory and airworthiness compliance.

Cost Optimisation

We manage your deliverables and costs as they were our own.

ARTS Proprietary Templates

Take advantage of our specifically developed working procedures and reports.

Our Capabilities in Aviation Asset Management:

On-Site Support

Flight Operations Support

Commercial Advisory

Material and Repair Management

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active technical representatives & consultants in our global pool
Base Maintenance inputs managed by our experts
successful Lease Return projects through our experts

Customer reference projects in the field of aircraft maintenance

Airbus A380 Seat & Carpet Refurbishment

EFW was tasked by Quantas with the complete aircraft maintenance for their Airbus A380s. Parts of this contract were subcontracted to ARTS Solutions. We modified the "Seat Work" sections in both the upper and lower decks, as well as the cable ducts and carpets. Our team members, with a wide range of qualifications, received appropriate training before the start of the project in order to meet the high demands of the customers.
We removed the seats of the Airbus A380s and brought them to our workshop for further processing. There, we performed various work, such as changing upholstery and seat covers, repairing socket plugs and AC connections, if required. At the same time, our team removed the old carpets on both decks of the Quantas A380s. We delivered the new ones from our workshop or our suppliers to the EFW factory, where we installed them. Raceways were removed and reinstalled.We always conduct quality checks in our workshop in order to minimise cost and time when working directly in or at the aircraft.

Trouble-Shooting ATR42-300

For a troubleshooting of an ATR42-300 of the Buddha Air-Airline, we travelled to Kathmandu. The aircraft had come to a standstill on the ground of the Kathmandu airport in Nepal for an unknown reason. Already during the travel preparations, one of our Certifying Staff (CAT B2) checked the aircraft documentation to get a picture of the situation on site.
Our specialist for ATR aircraft (CAT B2) travelled to Kathmandu with some aircraft maintenance colleagues to support the troubleshooting on site. We decided to replace and test parts and equipment of the aircraft. After root cause research, numerous tests and renewals, the team identified and corrected the cause. Buddah Airlines was so pleased with our work that they thanked us with a panoramic mountain flight where we could enjoy the unique Everest panorama.

Satisfied customers with aircraft maintenance from ARTS

Our Capabilities in Aviation Asset Management:

On-site Support

Commercial Advisory

Flight Operations Support

Material and Repair Management

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ARTS Field Service Support:

Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Crew

  • Technical assistance
  • Manpower support
  • AOG recovery
  • Working party
  • Flying spanners

BSI Borescope Inspection

  • On-site
  • Most engines
  • Most APUs
  • With EASA/FAA dual release
  • MPA witness

Decal and Placards fabrication

  • In-house production
  • On-site installation
  • Part 21J
  • Powered by: LXM AERO

Component MRO

  • Part 145 EASA/FAA approved
  • Structures, Nacelles, Airframe and Engine components
  • In collaboration with: Triumph, Aerospace Business Center

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Building on the experience of over two decades servicing clients in the aerospace industry, ARTS Solutions is a responsible partner for your work packages in the fields of areostructure, avionics, aircraft maintenance, aviation asset management and aerospace consulting.

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