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For over two decades, ARTS has been committed to various assignments within the aerospace consulting sector. Our objective is to ensure that our customers stay competitive, e.g. by taking on their peak demands, elevating their processes, and boosting their performance.


We assist with supply chain management, production engineering, digitalization, quality management, and human resources, using a holistic approach to identify improvement possibilities at all points of the value chain.


We aim to pass on our knowledge and make sure you become more competent. ARTS has helped its customers reduce their process costs by up to 20%, allowing them to concentrate on their main tasks while availing of our proficiency.


We want to make a long-term relationship with you and will work to build a trusting association at eye level.

Your advantages with ARTS Aerospace Consulting:

Comprehensive Approach

Our approach to project management is all-inclusive, taking into account all relevant entities for each project.


We assist you at one of your production sites or take over projects at one of our locations, ARTS supports you regardless of your location.

Full Transparency

You have access to all project data at all times. You are automatically informed about all KPIs, milestones, necessary updates, etc.

Single Point of Contact

You will have a single point of contact for the complete project duration.

Seamless integration

Due to various different customer projects, we are able to seamlessly integrate our work into your processes.

Process Analysis

Before beginning any project, we analyse our customer's processes and goals to make them our challenge.

Satisfied customers with Aerospace Consulting

Our aerospace consulting services include:

Supply Chain Management

Quality Management

Production Engineering

Aviation Recruiting



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Customer reference projects: Aerospace Consulting

Statstical Process Control Airbus

ARTS worked with Airbus on the introduction of the SPC (statistical process control) process for the A330 structural assembly in Hamburg. The goal was to develop a process approach for the introduction of statistical process control and optimisation (SPC) with general application across the structural assembly of the A330.
Within the project, for example, the bilge to the lower half section 16 with a separation point to the middle fuselage was considered. Airbus defined certain radii and permitted deviations for this separation point. A total of 30 parameters are defined and recorded. The data can show correlations, e.g. how small changes in positioning in the assembly process have a major effect on the product quality. In addition to monitoring the process data, SPC alerts the user to deviating product data.

8D Report consulting for STRATA

We consulted STRATA, a supplier for world-class aircraft manufacturers and tier one suppliers, by reviewing and evaluating an 8D reporting process. ARTS handled all essential stages including failure identification, team building, problem description, containment measures, Root Cause definition, corrective actions, and preventive actions.
ARTS provided support in all crucial areas including creating process descriptions, work instructions, applying lean management principles, and addressing quality aspects. This support helped STRATA to pinpoint key issues in formulating and implementing the 8D report. Additionally, we conducted training for the client to improve the overall 8D report process for future use.
Reduction of Process Costs
Jobcards digitalized
Assets analysed

Our aerospace consulting services in more depth:

Supply Chain Management

Production Engineering



Quality Management

 Aviation Recruiting

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Building on the experience of over two decades servicing clients in the aerospace industry, ARTS Solutions is a responsible partner for your work packages in the fields of areostructure, avionics, aircraft maintenance, aviation asset management and aerospace consulting.

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