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Shortages of skilled labor, young professionals with high expectations, and the ever-more complex demands of qualified applicants: these are some of the biggest challenges that human resource managers face on a daily basis in the aerospace industry. For companies in this sector, we have been a reliable partner for 15 years and counting at locations in Bremen, Dresden, Hamburg and Munich. Clients have come to appreciate our longstanding industry experience as they profit from our know-how in every aspect of HR management.

Our HR consultants deliver optimal recruitment processes and employee loyalty

Our team of HR specialists will support you with solutions in the areas of talent scouting, staff management, and HR process optimization, allowing you to position your business for a successful future.

Talent scouting

With measures tailored to you and the industry, our HR consultancy team works to continually improve your image as an employer, which in turn will help you reduce personnel fluctuations.

  • We analyze the requirements for your open positions and match them to relevant job profiles.
  • We evaluate measures designed to strengthen your future staff needs. To achieve the best possible results, our HR consultants work closely with the teams in charge of employee leasing and recruitment.
  • We work with you to improve your employer branding, and to demonstrate how you can ideally position yourself within the aerospace industry.
  • We use our vast network of academic institutions to facilitate suitable forms of on-campus marketing for your company.
  • We will share specific techniques with you to improve your interaction with potential recruits (interview methods, social-media recruitment, and more). These methods are especially significant for certain demographic groups such as millenials.
  • We plan the assessment center for you.

Talent Management

Good employers have a vested interest in the advancement of their employees. Our HR consultants employ targeted measures with the goal of binding the young professionals and high-potential trainees to your company in the long term:

  • We examine your personnel structures and notify you whenever there is room for improved efficiency.
  • We deliver appropriate solutions for staff development so that your company remains competitive in the rapidly evolving job market.
  • We recognize the individual skills and possibilities of your employees by way of a potential analysis.
  • We develop suitable concepts to promote best practices in the way you manage your staff.
  • We devise measures for workplace health promotion in your company.
  • We support you whenever your HR team is confronted with legal questions.
  • We design an appropriate salary and benefit program for your business.

HR process optimization

More than ever, the costing issue in the field of human resources requires a lean processes. We can invigorate your HR workflow with efficiency while using short channels of communication to promote closer cooperation between your HR team and the experts on the job.

  • Let us advise you on how an IT-supported optimization of your processes in the human-resource department can save you money, time and effort.
  • We model the procedural structures for your HR team and develop a fresh concept with recommendations for recruitment, retention, and process optimization.
  • We offer an integrated approach to personnel controlling and help you develop a professional indicator system.
  • We optimize important KPIs for your human-resource team (e.g., quality of the application, expenditures per hire, training costs, personnel support rates, staff fluctuation, or employee motivation).
  • As part of our on-site management services, we are also happy to assume responsibilities within your in-house HR department.

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